Cubic Zirconia Journey Ear Climber Earrings in Gold Over Silver

Cubic Zirconia Journey Ear Climber Earrings in Gold Over Silver

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Round Cubic Zirconia Graduated Stones Journey 18ct Gold Over Sterling Silver Ear Climber Earrings, measuring approximately 25mm in length and 3.5mm in width.  Set with sparkling cubic zirconias, these ear climbers are for non-pierced and pierced ears.


The ear climbers are designed in an S shape so that the tip of the S points towards the head.  As our ears are unique as our fingerprints, you may find it more comfortable to wear them the other way round.


Slide the ear climber onto your ear lobe the same way as you would slide a hair grip into your hair.  If it feels uncomfortable, pull the ear climber wire out slightly to ease the pressure on your ear.  If it feels too loose, then squeeze the wire in gently towards your ear.


Guide the ear climber through your piercing and pull it down just like a hook earring.  Pull your ear lobe gently with one hand as you swing the ear climber around and up onto your ear with the other.  The wire should slip behind your ear and the climber should sit on the front.  If iit feels uncomfortable, then adjust as above.

IMPORTANT Don't bend the ear climbers open to put them on. "Spring" them open like a hair grip and slide them into place otherwise over time, they may break.

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